Brought together by a unique spirit of entrepreneurship

Daloplast AB and Lindén International AB are two strong brands and companies from the same region in the south of Sweden – a region famous for its creative companies and unique spirit of entrepreneurship. After many years of co-operation, we have now decided to merge and together we form the houseware group DaloLindén. DaloLindén will keep the entire production in Sweden and continue to deliver timeless, functional and unusually smart products for homes, kitchens and bathrooms.

Daloplast Lindén Int.


Here is a selection of our products.


We are the leading manufacturer of bag clips for sealing all types of bags.


Peeler Jonas Original with knife and handle of stainless steel.

Cutting board

We have a variety of cutting boards designed for different purposes.

Measuring jugs

We have several models and sizes of stainless steel measuring jugs.

Cutting board

We have a wide range of cutting boards in different sizes and colors for all purposes.

Cheese slicer

Cheese Slicers of very high quality that cuts perfect slices of hard and soft/fat cheese.


We manufacture functional stainless steel bowls of high quality in sizes 0.1 l up to 14 l.

Garlic press

Our garlic press opens up completely allowing the cleaning spikes to clean the grid.

Kitchen tools

Functional tools for cooking and baking.

Cutting board

We have cutting boards in different forms.


The spatulas are suitable for baking and cooking.

Butter knife

We have butter knives in different materials and colors.

Cutting board

Functional cutting board with anti slip.


We have several different models and colors.


Functional and stackable plastic bowls.


We have kitchen spoons of different shapes, materials and with various practical details.


Traditional and useful whisks in stainless steel and plastic.

Measuring jugs

We have several models and sizes of stainless steel measuring jugs.